Control your dreams!

Ever been aware that you’re dreaming? It’s the most intense and magical thing that can happen to you. It’s called lucid dreaming. It feels like you’re in another dimension, living in your own world of fantasies, flying, driving your dream car and even taste food!, there is no limit to what you can do. It is a skill that can be learnt. But first before jumping off to bed, you need practice. Keep doing reality check every hour. It’s a check to see whether you’re dreaming or not. This is very important and you need to make it a habit. It can be anything, like pinching yourself, blocking your nose and trying to breathe through it, counting your finger(gets real hard in the dreams), checking the clock and looking away then checking it again(it will change in the dreams) and other stuff like that. Next keep a dream journal near your bed and after you wake up, write the dream down in it. So keep doing these things and you’ll eventually do a reality check in your dream and realize that you’re dreaming. There are masks nowadays that can help you with reality checks and flash lights when you’re in REM(Where you dream) stage. But you’ll still have to figure out what those lights mean.

Happy dreaming!


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