Bring out the aviator in yourself! The PowerUp 3.0 is here!

I’ve always been fascinated by the things that could fly. PowerUpToys, a startup by Shai Goitein has made an interesting and a fascinating product, The PowerUp 3.0. It takes paper airplanes, and turns them into amazing smartphone controlled flying machines

In the box, you have the PowerUp module itself, and a look at it tells you it’s made from high quality materials. Also, you have the manual, a few plane templates and the USB charging cable.
Setting up the plane is fairly easy. All you have to do is charge it with a USB cable. Now, the part where most of the people I know fail, is making the plane itself!. The plane is an essential part in flying the plane and most of the complaints that it doesn’t fly properly is a result of an improper construction. The manual included is very thorough in the construction and positions of the flaps. It took a few tries to get started, but it’s a real joy in flying the plane and controlling it with your smartphone.

The app is fairly simple, it had the throttle, a speedometer and a fun feature that enables an ATC stimulation. It uses the phones sensors to turn the plane and control the speed.

Flying it in areas with wind is definitely not recommended. This product is highly recommended for those, who would like to hone their aviation skills with drone or R/C Planes or kids looking to have a fun time. The price tag makes it an affordable option compared to the planes generally ranged about $300.

The PowerUp has me hooked, and I look forward to the next product PowerUp Toys has in store.



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