NSD Powerball® Autostart 280 Classic

An engineering marvel, that uses the powers of gyroscope and inertia to build your grip, arms and rehabilitate your muscles and joints.

I got myself the Autostart variant and the Powerball is excellently built and surprisingly quite sturdy. It is super fun to play with, and has had me hooked since the minute I got it . The Powerball activates your  finger flexors and wrist extensors and enhances your grip strength and activates the production the synovial fluid within the joints

When the gyro starts spinning, your arms get a workout like they’ve never before and no matter how well built, or strong your arms are, you won’t last 60 seconds when it starts spinning at 18,000 RPM.

This is an excellent tool for those who want to strengthen their arms or wrists for tennis, golf, squash or a sports injury you’re looking to recover from. For those suffering from Carpel tunnel, this product highly recommend for you. So if you’re an athlete and want to strengthen your grip and arms, buy it today!


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