Foobot: The air quality monitor!

One of the major issues we face, is pollution. The foobot from AirBoxLabs, is a consumer air quality monitor. Integrated with a smartphone app, it makes up a smart home device. If you’ve ever wanted to know the quality of air in your home, this device is for you.

In the box, we have the foobot monitor, a beautiful white beauty with LEDs and sensors hidden inside, an adapter, a manual and a quick start guide. The foobot seems to be made from a high quality plastic, surprising for a device with a $200 price tag.

The foobot sensors can detect a lot of stuff,

Particulate matter: fine particles suspended in the air in the form of solid particles or liquid droplets, which could provoke asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases;

Gas pollutants: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can prove harmful risks in your home;

Temperature: maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor temperature affects your well-being and helps to control the rate of indoor air pollution;

Humidity: humid environs foster the growth of molds and bacteria, some responsible for illnesses such as the common cold.

    The app shows a lot of information and is the only way to know what’s going on. You get detailed graphs, amount of pollutants, gasses and concentration.


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