Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit’s most popular fitness tracker, the Charge HR, stays at the head of it’s games even after the unveil of newer models from the company. The Charge 2 and the latest Alta HR do pose a challenge, however the Charge HR is my personal favorite.

The device offers continuous heart rate monitoring, exercise tracking, sleep tracking and caller ID on the device. The heart rate sensor is of high quality and gives you an accurate reading everytime. The tracking features of the Charge HR are extremely advanced, they keep lots of your heart rate, your exercise, when and how you sleep and your calorie and water intake!

The app is really well built, a recent UI update makes it the perfect fitness tracking app. You can look up your data and charts, from heart rate, sleep analysis to your water intake and more. The app has data from over a month and is an excellent feature for those looking to keep tabs on their cardio sessions and fitness. You also have a challenge feature that compares your steps with your friends over a period of time, with ranking to help motivate you. You get trophies regularly too, for completing acheivments.

You have your user guide, charging cable and a bluetooth receiver, to sync the device with your PC, in the retail box. The device comes in the variants of blue, teal, black, tangerine and plum. It ranges from small to extra large, varying with the band size according to your wrist size. 

I would say that the Charge HR is an excellent fitness tracker that does its job well and at its price point, I see no other device that can possibly replace my tracker. 


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